Do You Honestly Expect Me To Believe That We Can Ever Be The Same?

I like coming to terms with things.

You probably don’t want to read about this for the fifty millionth time, but I’m making good progress.  Before, I claimed that I didn’t want to be known for having this disease.  I hid from it, refused to tell people about it or felt uncomfortable when it was brought up.  But, now I really do feel more like this is just something that I am living with.  Just another obstacle, quite literally (if that).  It’s been a big part of my life, so it tends to come up in conversation- such as when people ask about school or anything else remotely related to this past year.

The reason I even mention this is because I openly discussed it with someone I just met at work.  I was able to be really mature about it and act as though I’ve put it all behind me.  Maybe I haven’t exactly put everything behind me since I don’t consider myself 100% (that’s the perfectionist in me), but I’m comfortable.  I’m not longer ashamed or afraid of how people are going to react, though I’m sure I’ll probably turn into a hypocrite if my symptoms come back.

It’s a freeing feeling.

Things have felt a little tighter lately, muscle-wise.  I think that it has a lot to do with the heat and my shrinking amount of sleep.


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